MEDITECH Surveillance Board

29 Jun MEDITECH Surveillance Board

Pulling all this Quantified Data into Usable Data: Hello Surveillance Boards.

MEDITECH’s latest and greatest toy, errr, I mean tool, is the Surveillance Boards.  The idea is that you obtain all this quantified data that you have been documenting and now make a bunch of Surveillance Boards to capture this data.  I won’t lie, I was skeptical, how is that different than the thousands of reports that no one looks at today?  Then I saw it.  My mind went crazy with possibilities.

Imagine, if you will, a sepsis surveillance board that is constantly collecting patient data based on vital signs, lab results, and orientation all real time as documentation is entered. Then, BOOM, Leukocytes trigger an alert.  Now this is showing a big flag on the Nurses Status Board, QA’s Status Board, and anyone else’s status board that is watching sepsis.  The sepsis surveillance board may be built and be a background tool but the information is brought to the foreground in real time.

Now check out this cool tool.  Make as many surveillance board as you need… Then have a Status Board or “Public Tracker” to show when any one of your surveillance boards triggers.  Valley Hospital in New Jersey was the first one to go up with the Surveillance Boards.  It was difficult to get a unit to volunteer to pilot the Public Tracker, but some poor soul made eye contact in the meet and the rest was history.  The IT Department placed a large screen monitor in the break area and the following status board was displayed.  The staff saw immediately when something changed, and as a result.  Then all the other departments wanted this public tracker.  Since implementing the Public Tracker they’ve had a reduction of sepsis, an increase of Flu injections and increase in VTE compliance.

If you want to talk Surveillance Boards, contact Infinity HIT.  We’ll help you through it.

Cindy Willis
Cindy Willis , RN
Senior Consultant

Cindy Willis, RN has experiences with multiple facility implementations as well as optimization across many of the Clinical Applications within the MEDITECH HCIS. Her experiences include MAGIC, Client Server, 6.x, 6.1x and is MEDITECH READY Certified.